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Cancellation policy

Please take note of the following consumer advice, which applies for your order at master-furrier.com:

Right of cancellation:

You may cancel your order without having to provide any reason in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the item.

The deadline for cancellation is two weeks, if this advice was given to you in text form before the contract was made.

The deadline for cancellation is one month, if this advice was given to you in text form after the contract was made.

In both cases the cancellation period begins at the earliest with the receipt of these instructions. The timely dispatch of the cancellation or the item is sufficient evidence that the period of cancellation has been observed.

The cancellation is to be send to:

Paustian Pelze

Owner: Lars Paustian

Sophienblatt 63

24114 Kiel


Contact and Legal

Paustian Pelze

Sophienblatt 63

24114 Kiel

Tel.: 0049-431-66 11 390

E-Mail.: info@master-furrier.com

USt.-IdNr.: DE232116330

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