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Чудесное меховое покрывало из кролика

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Чудесное меховое покрывало из кролика в натуральном окрасе Больше...

Чудесное меховое покрывало из кролика в натуральном окрасе

Разновидность меха: Кролик
Размер: ca. 195 x 137 (2.7 sm) - 76.8 x 54 inches
Цвет: Натуральный
Подклад: Braun-Beige Wool Lining (71655)
Weight: ca. 3.6 kg (7.94 lbs)
Inlay: German producer, Волокнистый наполнитель
Знак качество: Немецкие породистые кролики
Дубление: Выделка в Европейском Союзе - Гарантия европейского качествa
Страна / Регион: Europe, Германия
Происхождение: The farmed furs tagged with the "ethically sourced and sustainable furs" label are guaranteed to come from sustainable sources like agriculture and food production., Выведение
Международное научное название: Cuniculus forma domestica (Rabbitt)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): Сертификат "CITES" ненужен.

Rabbit (European Rabbit)

The rabbit skins we use come from Europe, like from Germany or France. The hair of the rabbit is silky, soft, very lightweight, and it has dense hair. The leather of our rabbit skins is thin, elastic and stable at the same time. We guarantee that our rabbit skins come from an excellent and high-quality breed. We regularly buy rabbits from farmers we know and trust, which is why we can promise to only use high-quality skins for our fur products. The farmed rabbits primarily serve the production of meat and the fur is just a by-product. We have very high demands on the quality of the skins which is why we only purchase the best skins possible to produce elegant rabbit fur blankets, fur pillows and fur scarfs.  If you have any questions regarding our rabbit fur products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have questions?

You would like to purchase a fur product in a different size, color or another back-lining? We can customize every fur product. You can also order every article via telephone or email. Just contact us via telephone: +49 4316611390 or via Email: info@master-furrier.com

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Save up to 30% off our fur blankets, decor pillows and real fur rugs. Use voucher code SAVE10 and save extra 10% off all sales prices!*

*only valid as long as stocks last.

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Оценки покупателей по "Чудесное меховое покрывало из кролика"
6 нояб. 2017 г.

Amazing rabbit fur blanket !

When I received my new rabbit fur blanket, I couldn't believe how amazing it looked. My husband loved it as well, and it is so warm and soft. I cannot help putting my hands on the fur it. I also like its natural color, seems very comfortable! Shipping to LA from Germany was very easy. I did not have to do anything in advance. Lars Paustian prepared all the shipping and customs papers. Will buy again later on in the winter.

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