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Mink Fur Blanket in Black & White "Flames"

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Mink Fur Blanket in Black & White "Flames" Cuddly mink fur blanket in Black & White with a...Больше...

Mink Fur Blanket in Black & White "Flames"

Cuddly mink fur blanket in Black & White with a unique patchwork processing "Flames". The minks that our master furriers used are all Origin Assured (OA) and directly bought from the Copenhagen Fur auction in Denmark. We can guarantee you that you will receive a first-class mink fur blanket, made with great minks. Ideal as an eye-catcher for your living- or business area.

Разновидность меха: Mink
Комментарий: Unique Black & White design
Размер: ca. 196 x 142 cm (2,79 m²) - 77.17 x 55.91 inch
Цвет: Натуральный
Подклад: Black wool lining (500703)
Inlay: German producer, Волокнистый наполнитель
Знак качество: Kopenhagen Fur, Origin Assured (OA)
Дубление: Выделка в Европейском Союзе - Гарантия европейского качествa
Страна / Регион: Дания, Скандинавия
Происхождение: Выведение
Международное научное название: Mustela vison (Mink)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): Свободная торговля, Сертификат "CITES" ненужен.

White Mink Skins

The American mink is a predator species which belongs to the family of the martens and is native to North America and Canada. The primary color of the mink fur is brown, and the hair is usually very dense and soft. Nowadays different varieties of mink types exist through breedings and mutations. The white mink is naturally white and it perfectly suitable for dyeing an all colors. Responsible handling of the natural product fur is our primary concern, and therefore we purchase our white minks only from renowned fur auctions like the Kopenhagen Fur auction in Denmark. If you decide to buy a product from Scandinavian white minks, you can be sure to receive a first class fur product from excellent farms according to European standards. We produce white mink fur blankets, fur cushions and accessories. If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have questions?

You would like to purchase a fur product in a different size, color or another back-lining? We can customize every fur product. You can also order every article via telephone or email. Just contact us via telephone: +49 4316611390 or via Email: info@master-furrier.com

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Оценки покупателей по "Mink Fur Blanket in Black & White "Flames""

Most awesomely soft and warm blanket EVER!

I was searching for a quality fur blanket for quite a while now. I wanted a fur blanket for the living room, and I found the perfect fit at Lars Paustian - International Furs. I chose a mink fur blanket with a unique pattern in black and white. It took a few days to arrive in the US, but once it was there, I fell in love with it! All out guests want to snuggle with the blanket :-) I´m happy with the purchase, and I´m already looking to buy a second one next year.
Thank you, Emma Warren

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